temporomandibular joint disorders
just wanna let you know someone was dissin tha mau5 and i defended him yr welcome


Did joel ever say what his and kats tattoo means?

they apparently had something to do with the day they met or something but i dont think either of them ever said anything more than that


Deadmau5 @ Ultra 2014

#Coffeerun with @deadmau5 this guy knows his gear!

i keep being like “hey i should listen to deadmau5 i havent done that in a while” then i just put it off? but when i get around to it… oh… its sublime… its godlike… its gooooooooooooood

i love deadmau5 so much

its kind of funny to listen to joel play a set (especially an unhooked set) directly after any other dj just because he has such a pronounced style and sound even to his dj sets